Monday, January 31, 2011

day 2

he fell asleep on the floor. i didn't have the heart to try and wake him up. the poor thing hasn't been sleeping well. hopefully he gets a good nap. mama needs him to get a good nap!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 1

so i'm pretty sure that most people start these 365 projects on january 1...but i'm not big on being like everyone else. so i'm starting on january 30! well, actually i'm starting on the 31st since it's technically after midnight. whatever.

ANYWAY...i plan to take at least one picture a day and spend some time editing and playing around with it. sometimes you may not see any edits. depends on how i'm feeling. i'm hoping that this will make me a better photographer, help me figure out my new editing software, and more important than all that, it provides me a year's worth of documented history.

maybe i won't get the pics up every single day, though that is my goal. so i'm starting now:

i found a sock monkey with all my teaching stuff. he's digging it! oh, and notice the quilt. my grandma made that for me when i was a baby.