Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 4

ladies and gents, we are moving on up. not only are we eating purees of all different foods, we're gnawing on apple wedges, cucumbers, steamed broccoli, and these mama made teething cookies!

p.s. ladies of the 365 project, i literally turned off my computer and got half way up the stairs when i remembered i needed to do this!


  1. aww thats adorable! he's like yum yum yum!!

  2. lol- I know Sarah, I was turning off all the lights yesterday night when I remembered to post my pic *sigh* But knowing that others are doing this project keeps me motivated, and helps me from slacking off.
    Your son is too cute, such gorgeous blue eyes!!

  3. OK you know I need to know how to make these teething cookies :)

  4. um it ate part of my comment. which was OMG such a cutie. He looks to be in heaven!

  5. tiffany, you can find the recipe on my regular blog. click on 'in need of a latte' at the top of this page. should be close to the top. they were easy to make.

    and he is a cutie! lol